Ballet Technique (ages 6 – adult)
Proper ballet technique is taught in the traditional sequence of a ballet class: warm up, barre exercises, stretch, and center floor. The techniques of Cecchetti, Bournaville, and Russian school are combined to teach the student proper alignment, strength, flexibility, and epaulement in all dance movements. It is our goal to teach each class with a solid technical foundation suitable for the pre-professional dancer, yet we realize that the majority of our students are here for the fun and enjoyment of dance. Each student is encouraged to work to the best of their ability.

Pointe classes are taught once a student reaches the level of 7, and have demonstrated the correct placement and strength necessary to dance properly on pointe. Three different levels of pointe are offered, allowing students to develop the proper strength and technique required for the rigors of pointe. The elite pointe class is by invitation only and requires the highest level of achievement.