Class Visitation

Visitation and observation of classes are by instructor invitation ONLY. Each individual instructor will communicate visitation days for parents. We appreciate your interest and enthusiasm in your child’s dance, however please appreciate our jobs, as instructors trying to maintain a disturbance free classroom where children are focused and kept on task.

     Dress Code

Columbia Gorge Dance Academy is a  performing arts school! Proper dance attire is mandatory.   Individual instructors set dress code  requirements. Hair should be neatly styled away from the face. Dress codes  allow the class to be uniform and provide best freedom of movement for all  students. A higher standard is maintained and achieved when students take pride  and care in their appearance.

     School  closures

Cancellations due to inclement weather will be  posted on the website and Facebook. Also you can call the studio phone line at  541-386-3267.  We will also make an  effort to place announcements on K105.5 FM radio station.


PLEASE DO NOT WEAR DANCE SHOES OUTSIDE  ON THE STREET OR SIDEWALK!  Small rocks,  gravel, dirt and dust become embedded in the shoes and then are tracked into  the studio, which scratch the floor. This applies to ballet shoes, tap shoes,  jazz shoes and pointe shoes. Also walking in dance shoes outside wears the  shoes out much quicker and replacements are needed sooner.

Cell phones are not allowed in the  CGDA studios.  Please leave them in your  car or at home.  Do not leave them in the  dressing rooms, as they could be stolen.


Dressing rooms are provided for your  convenience.  Please do not leave  anything of value, as CGDA cannot be responsible for lost or stolen items.

    Food Drink

Food and drink are NOT allowed in  either studio at any time.  Water bottles  are only allowed in the studios. Gum is never  allowed at CGDA.


Parking is allowed in designated  parking slots in the CGDA lot.  Please do  not park in the drop-off and pick-up zone or you will be towed.


Regular attendance is essential for  growth. Each class is a continuation of the previous class, and progress is  interrupted when a student is absent,. Should an absence occur due to illness  or another conflict, a make-up class may be taken. Out of consideration, we do  request a phone call, text or email for the instructor when an absence is  anticipated.