Tuition for one hour long class at CGDA is $400.00 per dance year. Our dance year begins in September and ends in June.

The $400.00 is broken into 4 payments of $100.00 Payments are due on the following dates:

  • September: 1st class of the month

  • November: 1st class of the month

  • February: 1st class of the month

  • April: 1st class of the month



Note: ** Ballet classes use different tuition  

Ballet Department Tuition 2018-19
Payable to instructor: Nancy Clement or Theresa Mason         
Creative Ballet 3,4,5 yr. olds (45 min.)      $98
Ballet 1,2,3,4 + Teen/Adult* (1 hr.)     $100
Ballet 5,6 (2x a week)      $196
Ballet Upper Level A (ULA ) Technique & Pointe
 Nancy: $196  /  Theresa: $48
Ballet Upper Level B  (ULB) Technique & Pointe
Nancy: $240 / Theresa: $72
Ballet Upper Level C  (ULC) Technique & Pointe
Nancy: $96 / Theresa: $240
Ballet Upper Level D (ULD) Technique & Pointe
 Nancy: $144  / Theresa: $192
The $50 Spring Costume Fee is due November 1. (payable to instructor)
*Teen/Adult Ballet Fall Session: Sept. 24-Nov. 12 (8 weeks)  Winter & Spring TBA
* CGDA runs a very limited class schedule in January. Tuition is billed separately if your instructor does decide to hold classes. Ask  your individual instructor(s) for schedule and payment information.

***Tuition is payable to your individual instructor, not to Columbia Gorge Dance Academy.

A one time, one family, non-refundable $50.00 registration fee is due each dance year paid in September, or, before attending any class, payable to CGDA.

There will be a $20.00 late fee for accounts paid after the posted due dates. Please cooperate with your instructors and pay your tuition on time!

IMPORTANT TUITION INFORMATION >> Please Read Carefully: Tuition is based on the year. No matter how many classes occur in one month, tuition will remain the same. Also, no matter how many classes you miss in one month, tuition remains the same! This includes vacations. Class space will be given to paying students, no exceptions. If your family leaves on vacation, your spot in class will be given to a paying student unless you continue to pay for your space while you are gone. Do not expect teachers to hold space for you without payment. Make-up classes are always available and can be arranged through your instructor.